Since early 2018 I have been creating a series of paintings based on tarot cards, with a view to producing a working, finished deck – which I’m happy to say has now materialised!

The Painted Tarot deck was designed by MS Creative and is printed on 350gsm Zanta Games Board. As well as the 78 full colour cards, it has a tuck box and a 6 page leaflet, which explains a little bit about the cards and process of creation. The card back design is a photo of my dripped on and messy studio floor, underneath the two easels where all the paintings were created – it tells its very own story!

The deck is £44.95 plus P&P and if you would like to buy it or require any further information please get in touch via my contact page. Or you can buy via PayPal link : https://www.paypal.me/thepaintedtarot

I was a professional tarot reader for a while, although now I only read for myself and a select few. My life has been punctuated by connections to card reading and divinatory practices: my grandmother took me to mediums and taught me how to read normal playing cards when I was a child; my mother taught me much about astrology; I got married in Siena, Italy, (which has many connections to tarot) – so I grew up seeing how all of these channels are part of the same quest that people have to search for meaning and connection.

The main structural influence for the deck is the Rider Waite, and some of my original tarot paintings will be  form part of a solo exhibition called ‘The Fool’s Journey’ in October 2020,  at the Union Gallery in Edinburgh.

You can download the meanings to the cards here: major arcana printable2 COINS2 CUPS2 SWORDS2 WANDS2


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