Tarot and Runes

 Next Generation Tarot (£22) is my new ten card deck of imaginary tarot characters who are the progeny of the Major Arcana, is now available to order via Etsy or payment link – message me for details. The ten card deck is accompanied by a 56 page bound booklet, containing ten stories about how the tarot children came into being, as well as details on meanings of the cards and how to the use the deck in spreads.

Watch a short video about it here: https://youtu.be/Q4eO7Pd3-xg

Contact me at sophiemckayknight@gmail.com for more details or visit my instagram account: @paintingthetarot

The Painted Tarot (back in stock soon) and The Painted Runes are available via payment link or my Etsy shop; Next Generation Tarot will be in the Etsy shop after the 10th July : https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/sophiemckayknightart

The Painted Tarot (£44.95) was created in 2020 after a lifelong love of tarot and two years of solid painting! It is based on the Ride Waite Smith structure but has my own insights and connections woven throughout.

The Painted Runes (£33) were launched in 2021, and comprise of 26 cards following the Elder Futhark structure with two additional cards (Unknowable and The Link); they were created as full sized paintings and are suitable for rune lovers and beginners alike.







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