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I love to think across disciplines and am currently exploring the intersection of philosophy, science and religion since completing my postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh.

At the moment I am in the process of developing a new project based around the Fife Pilgrim Way.


I have always been interested in what it is to be a human as well as ideas around body and soul; and since 2013 I have been engaging with different scientists from St Andrews University, who have kindly helped me in developing my practice in this area.


Molecular Self (2014-2016), explored the nature/nurture debate with children and families & looked at the role of inheritance from all sides.

Chrysalis, (2017 – 2018) engaged with female scientists to explore the barriers to being a woman in science today. The resulting paintings won a Wellcome Image award and one was featured on the front page of The Lancet in 2019.

Hearts and Minds (2019-2020) explored the link between the brain and the heart and the many fascinating creative and scientific ways in which the heart takes centre stage in our cultural references.



Biochemical Society
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